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The organisation and logistics of these construction measures are a great challenge, as they often take place during ongoing rail services, and the time slots for implementation are very limited.

HASSELMANN GmbH has stood for innovative solutions throughout Germany for decades, and has established itself as a respected supplier in the demanding railway construction market.

Thanks to its many years of experience in numerous projects, HASSELMANN GmbH is extensively in demand and has significantly expanded its market position in this segment in recent years.

In order to maintain and further expand today’s railway network, thousands of kilometres of railway tracks will have to be overhauled or reconstructed in future. As our reference examples impressively prove, HASSELMANN GmbH offers its services as a modern, respected partner.


Railway platfrom construction
Cable foundation engineering
Railway track civil engineering
Electrical technology
Steel construction

Railway platform construction

HASSELMANN GmbH’s railway platform construction includes the conversion and new construction of platforms in all conventional designs, as well as modular system solutions. Through the innovative implementation of construction measures, newly created designs of railway stations and platforms contribute significantly to customer satisfaction.

A modern atmosphere with contemporary features is created. All services can be carried out by the company’s own highly trained and experienced skilled workers, which is why there are no problems at the interfaces of the various maintenance groups. In addition, consistent high quality can be ensured with minimum construction time.

Overview of services

  • New construction, repair and modernisation of platforms, staircases, lighting systems, public address systems, floor coverings (paving, tiles, bituminous coverings) and staircases
  • Installation of signposting systems and platform equipment (showcases, weather shelters, platform roofs, benches, waste bins, etc.)
  • Corrosion protection, cleaning and coating work
  • Supporting walls and access ways, ramps

Railway track civil engineering

HASSELMANN GmbH’s railway track civil engineering includes all conventional civil engineering services required for the reconstruction or new construction of railway tracks.

Supported by extensive and modern machinery, the following services can be carried out by our skilled workers:

Overview of railway track civil engineering services

  • Dismantling of old systems
  • Soil replacement, soil improvement/soil stabilisation
  • Installation and renewal of formation and frost protection layers, laying and tamping ballast
  • New construction, repair and modernisation of drainage systems
  • Longitudinal track shoring and ballast management
  • Foundation for auxiliary railway track bridgesückbau der Altanlagen

Cable foundation engineering

As a broadly positioned, medium-sized company, HASSELMANN GmbH also offers complete construction services for cable civil engineering in the railway sector. We combine solid handicraft techniques with the mastery and application of the latest technologies. Through the conscientious, innovative commitment of our employees, we are available to our customers with above-average commitment. In the field of underground cable line construction, we carry out all installation work by competent personnel.

Overview of services in cable civil engineering

  • All related civil engineering work
  • New construction, repair and modernisation of cable trough systems, underground pipe routes, cable ducts and open and controlled track crossings
  • Cable tensioning and laying work
  • Foundation and installation of switching facilities

Steel construction – special steel constructions

HASSELMANN GmbH offers you efficient and professional handling from planning and production to the assembly of special steel constructions.

Civil engineering services – foundations

  • for signal brackets, signal bridges and special technical constructions
  • as well as special solutions in the platform area

Signal masts, signal brackets, signal bridges

  • Planning, production and installation of control and special constructions (signal brackets, signal bridges, signal masts, signal screen holders incl. special fastenings for platform roofs, walls, etc.)

Electrical engineering in railway construction

HASSELMANN GmbH offers comprehensive services, and our customers can rely on having a contact person with a high degree of know-how in this service area as well.

Overview of electrical engineering services

  • Delivery and installation of electrical systems including earthing and meshing (50 Hz technology)
  • Point heating and lighting systems including earthing (50 Hz technology)
  • New construction, repair and modernisation of public address systems